About Us

Laxmi Narain Charitable Trust was established in Naraingar, Amritsar by Sardar Narain Singh Uppal in the year 1898 as a Public Charitable Trust.

What We're All About

We have the power to bring about the change we want to see in the world around us.

Rajinder Pal Singh LNP Trust


A Graduate of Punjab Engineering School of 1962 and a Mechanical Engineer by profession, Rajinder Pal Singh is the Head Trustee of the Laxmi Narain Charitable Trust. He first worked with the Government of India in the NPCC sector before shifting to Amritsar and starting his own business. A pioneer in tractorization and the mechanization of agriculture and crop harvesting in the year 1978, Rajinder feels very strongly about helping the society and providing help wherever possible. The trust has been passed in his family for 3 generations and 100+ years.

Rajinder Pal Singh

Project Manager

A student at The Doon School, Bir is currently in the 9th grade and is passionate about Computer Science and Engineering. Bir has been very passionate about helping the community since a very young age and has taken part in many activities such as volunteered in cleaning drives and giving a TED talk on the garbage problem in Amritsar. Bir has always been on a mission to bridge the education gap in our country without any prejudice on gender. He has just started teaching Computer Science to girls and women at the trust schools and with the help of the trust, has lead projects for the community and its well-being.

Bir Singh Uppal
Bir Singh Uppal LNP Trust
Our Vision

Who We Are

We have the power to bring about the change we want to see in the world around us.

Our vision is taking new initiatives to provide opportunities and support wherever possible at all levels and in all forms. Many of us would like to repay to the society from which we have drawn so much and so the Trust has undertaken many activities to help the community, ranging from Covid-19 relief work, which helps ensure the safety of the community and people who are essential for us, to educating the young generation in our own school as the most recent activities. The Trust wishes to serve the community and each and every helper wishes to give back to the community which has raised us.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step”

While our efforts to achieve our goals and help the community have been hindered by Covid-19 causing the school to shut down and the lessons to stop, however, the fire of our aspirations is burning brighter than ever and we will give it our all to help the community and achieve our dreams to the best of our capabilities… and beyond.